Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area - Public Input Wanted

Silver Lake Recreation Association along with the DNR has invited the public to a meeting being held on February 11, 2016 at the Golden Township Hall. This meeting will be focused on the ORV Access, Circulation and Parking Improvements. This is your chance to offer your input, learn about what is being worked on and hear about what progress has already been made. If you have any interest in the upcoming meeting click the link below to take you to the Silver Lake Recreation Association Facebook page where you can find the event.

Last year the Silver Lake State Park Voucher Center became the new ORV Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is the place for customers to purchase their Recreation Passports and/or an ORV permit. Changing the location of where to purchase the passports and permits was made to help the traffic coming through the dune entrance move at a steady pace. Another big change was eliminating vouchers and making sure that vehicles were “Dune Ready” and able to drive right up to the dunes. They still had the parking lot vouchers available, but they were limited. Local consensus seems to be these were positive changes that made the process for getting on the Dunes a better experience.  You can also click the link below that will direct you to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources page where you can read more about the changes made to the park last year.,4570,7-153--351182--,00.html

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